Saturday, April 23, 2016

Don't see this on MSM very often

And those 28 pages are just the beginning as likely there were many co-conspirators in this tragedy as it took years to plan.  Its time to give those 9/11 conspiracy folks their due as this onion get peeled.

There is only a brief mention of the petrodollar in this video, but its the lynch-pin that this whole relationship with the Saudis is based on.  It started with Nixon when he unilaterally took the US off the gold standard and made a deal with the Saudis to accept only dollars for oil (you can thank Kissinger for that). Essentially, pull the petro-dollar lynch pin and the whole US dollar and banking system collapses.  Guess who is holding the pin? Its been the albatross hanging on every US President's neck since then.  Its a myth that the US President is the most powerful man on the planet if he has to bow over so that the country doesn't go bankrupt over a threat to sell US bonds or uncouple from the petro-dollar.  

Its also brings up the topic of our invasion of Iraq and all the wars in the middle east.  Were we suckered into getting involved in all these regime change wars just so that we could help the Saudis remain the dominate power in the region?  Or was it pure greed?  How about our bifurcated view of human rights abuses where we on one hand allow some governments to be labelled abusers while we look the other way on the behavior of the Saudis? 

While the US is struggling with this problem, China is quietly and successfully getting their currency backed by gold.  The April 19th Shanghai price fix was highly successful.  Now its a waiting game for all the future contracts and hedges to come due before the run up to the price that gold should be.

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