Saturday, April 2, 2016


One of the passing topics last night at the lobby was "Food".  What else did one expect after a free buffet right?

It came up as a result of a discussion of how our bodies were being used as experiments and sometimes targets of certain vaccines and drugs.  Through powerful lobbying efforts, rigged FDA tests, and big money, our food and drug systems have been compromised.  Americans are being bombarded with stuff that we take and eat blindly without knowing anything about them and trusting the government and large corporations to look after our best interests...not  Instead, the food is making us sick, promoting obesity, and shortening our life spans.

I told Bangkok Buddy that I would send him a link to the documentary I saw about food a while back that really changed my perspective of food.  It also explains in my mind, why I feel so much better eating food here in the Land of Smiles, especially if I know where the food came from such as upcountry where I can buy it directly from the farmers and locals.  The LOS is not free from the same practices as a couple of large companies also control most of the food production here for the commercial markets.  As in anyplace, it helps to be wise and aware as its your health that will pay the ultimate price.

Since it looks like I can't get a good legal url for the movie, I will instead embed the trailer.  You resourceful readers will know how to find it on your own.   There is a copy on Vimeo, but the audio is missing about 45 minutes into the video.  This video can be life changing.  It was for me and I now am very careful about what I eat.

If after viewing the trailer, and you are unsuccessful in finding a copy, leave me a comment or email and I will help you if I can.

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