Saturday, April 23, 2016

Going to be around for a bit longer

Initial health results came out as expected and it looks like I am going to be around for a tiny bit longer.  Some items continue to plague me and I am finally going to start medication to lower my cholesterol.  That means taking statins and all the potential problems with that drug group.  Three separate doctors told me I needed to address the problem even though I have no blockages to my heart and my blood panel was in great shape.  

I've had his problem for  years and once I was on medication, only to give it up when I started to get side effects.  With the new medication, I am hoping to avoid those effects and keep the cholesterol down.

My overall impression of the BNH health screening was only so so.  They were less organized and the exam took just as long or longer than Bumrungrad.  The doctors didn't really care too much about anything except to read out the results, with little or no recommendation for treatment.  She simply looked at the results and said these results are high, etc.  Go check with you doctor in the States. Almost like they didn't want me to be treated there as one of their patients - so back to Bumrungrad next year.  Its about 30USD more expensive at BNH as well.

Went to the free buffet last night.  Small showing as only Bangkok Buddy and I were there.  After the buffet, we went over to the lobby and ran into Singapore Jimmy.  Haven't seen him in like forever and he looks great.  Told us about his trip to Japan and how things have gotten a lot cheaper relative to the past.  Evidently, the economy is really on the ropes there and the exchange rate is taking a beating along with the prices.

Have a couple of appointments today and some work to do so that I can meet with the workers tomorrow at the resort.  Want to layout the underground water pipes and the overhead electrical posts for the jungle market so that they can get those done when I am away.   It will be the start of rainy season when I get back and we can do some planting of the trees and bamboo then.

Another project I want to start is our plant nursery.  We are using a makeshift structure made of bamboo right now and I want to make a larger steel framed structure with room for larger plants. That will allow us to start a lot of smaller plants from seed and protect them before being planted in the resort or the market.  Great place for growing our duckweed too.

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