Friday, April 22, 2016

Not quite done yet.....

I'm in the middle of my physical exam this morning.  Changed hospitals this year to see if anything new or different shows up.  B seems to think that BNH is going to be better and faster, but so far that hasn't been the case.  In fact, I'm on a two hour break waiting for my EKG and stress test.  The nice perk however is that I got a 200 baht meal voucher for food at the food center or the Secret Recipe restaurant on the second floor.  It costs a bit more too at this hospital, but I must say its not nearly as crowded and the demographics of the patients are different.  At Bumrungrad, the vast majority of the patients are now from the middle east, while at BNH the patients are mostly Thai.  Not that any of this makes any difference, its just an observation.

The reason I wanted to do my exam here this year was to establish a health record at the hospital.  I had my very successful hernia operation at this hospital last November and wanted to have a couple of choices for medical service.  Secondly, B's OBGYN is here and its going to be the hospital where the second baby will be born.  Lastly, being a 5-7 minute walk from the condo is a big plus.  I had my lunch, and walked home to do this post and will rest here a bit before walking back for the other half of my exam.

Kokomo beach 
We spent a nice day at the beach yesterday.  Bangkok is very hot this time of year and a day at the beach with a strong wind is quite a nice change from being indoors.  Found Kokomo beach and decided we were going to do the 'free' side this time.  With the money saved, we ended up with quite a nice feast and the chairs and tables were free too!  We had our own drinks in the cooler and so the whole trip was very economical.

Partial view of the feast...still missing the fried rice and soup

Marina had a nice time in the water although with the wind, the waves were a bit rough.  She didn't mind however and we will definitely come back to Kokomo again in the near future.  B didn't have to do too much as she is getting bigger each day.  She just kept a watch over us and ate...555

Marina digging into one of her favorite - Som Tom Thai - still dressed and ready to go back into the water
Then there were the ice creams and the desserts.  As they say, too much food, too little time.  But a good time was had by all......

Back to the physical exam.

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