Sunday, April 24, 2016

One day at the resort only.....

Got up here before noon this morning.  Left at 7AM and by 11AM, I was here having a bit to eat. Sunday morning is usually a good time to drive up here, but today there was a lot of activity at Ban Suan, my normal stopover for something to eat.  Ending up just buying some food to go and continued driving.

My goal was to stop by the plant sellers just before the hill near Farm Chokchai to get some plants or trees. While we won't be planting anything until the rains come, I will be buying the plants and trees and keep them potted and cared for at the resort until we are ready.  
A good shade tree

Today, I bought four Longan Trees for 280 baht apiece.  They are about 6 feet tall and will make good starters.  Eventually, I am hoping that they will be both good shade trees for the market as well as bear fruit that we can eat or sell.  

Huge tree with lots of fruit in season

Later when it gets cooler, I will go out and layout the electrical posts and water pipes.  That will be the assignment that I will leave for them while I am away in California.

Time for a quick nap...

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