Wednesday, April 27, 2016

One more day before California.....

Just one more day before heading off to California.  In about 24 hrs, my ride on the big silver bird begins and I will spend a month in the golden state.  While I will miss B and Marina, I am really glad to be able to get away from this heat for a while.  B likes the hot weather and Marina doesn't know any better, but I was raised in a cooler climate and a heat index of 121 F (48 C) doesn't appeal to me at all.

I've been here during this time of year many times, but this year is one of those El Nino years where everything is more extreme.  There have already been many deaths and records broken for the total amount of electrical demand in the country.  Obviously, this demand is from aircon or fan usage and its absolutely necessary this time of year.  When even the locals are complaining, you know that this condition is unusual.  See this article from the Bangkok Post.  This is not a good time to visit.

Years ago when I first started coming here at this time of year, I laughed when I saw students riding the MTR Skytrain for hours at a time to study in a cool place.  Thinking back, if I didn't have a place to stay or lots of money, that would be a good strategy as long as you kept track of the time inside the terminal.  Nowadays, I think the students find places like McDonald's or food courts in the malls to get away from the heat.

Talking about malls, I spent part of the day shopping at MBK for some birthday gifts for the twins. They are going to be 4 years old next month and I will be going to their party about a week after I get back. Even if I am half way around the world, I try to make it to their birthdays every year.  Some day they will chuckle at the fact that their aunts will be younger than they are, but I'm sure its not that unusual as there are many more older, start over dads these days.

Plans call for a quiet dinner at home tonight and time for us to be together as a family.  Tomorrow, its some last minute chores in the morning before B drops me off at the airport.  

By the way, its going to be a high of 65F (18 C) tomorrow at SFO when I arrive.  Can't wait to put on a jacket for the first time in three months...

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