Sunday, April 10, 2016

Python Alert!

We issued a Python Alert this morning to all the people at the resort, including our guests.  When the contractor of the market pad came by today and we were surveying the next project to be done, we noticed a huge snake track near the back of the resort.  It came from under one section of the barbed wire fence and kind of 'disappeared' near a large sand mound as dirt got harder.  We are not sure if its hiding somewhere on the resort or has left, but that is why we are being cautious this morning.

Track disappears after the sand mound, but it looks like it went right

Living in the Thai countryside has its adventures, especially when it comes to the natural wildlife. There are no wild bears around, but there are plenty of snakes, birds, and nasty insects that co-habitat the land with us.  I killed a 4 foot long snake a couple of years back using a PVC pipe to cut off its head, but this guy is too big for that kind of technique.  Maybe my archery equipment might be of use this time...555 but seriously a good .45 ACP 1911 is the optimal tool for this job.

Track leading from under the fence

Kind of hard to tell without some are the tracks next to my foot - I'm a size 10.5 (US)

Based on the snake track, it seems like this guy is over 3-4 meters long and weigh overs 40 kilos.  We think he is visiting our resort because B's nephew is raising some pet ducks and chickens near the back of the resort.  He's been missing a couple of them lately and now we think we know the cause. These pythons can eat a whole chicken in one bite easily.

Anyway, more later if anything develops. but here is a video of a 3-4 meter long Thai python in action.  And if you think you are safe in the mango, think again as this video is of a python in the city.

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