Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Some Technology shopping before going back upcountry

Spent the day looking for some network stuff for the resort.  Went to both Fortune Town and Pantip Plaza with a nap in-between because its been really hot during the middle of the day.  Went to Fortune town to pick up another wireless router.  Decided on the Asus RT-AC68U as its rated one of the better performers for speed.  Didn't want the newer AC3200 stuff because most of our customers and equipment will not have the special hardware to take advantage of the newer protocol and speed.  I just needed a solid, fast, and dependable router for everyday resort and customer WiFi use.

Price was not bad at 6400 baht, which is around the same price that I could get it from Amazon.  The beauty is that there is no tax and I get to have it now instead of waiting to bring it back from Kalifornia.  I also wanted a box of Cat 5 cable, but couldn't find any at Fortune Town.  In the late afternoon, I made my way over to Pantip Plaza and found a place that sold it by the box.  1000 feet for 1700 baht.  They also had the connectors in stock for 1.5 baht apiece so I'm all set.  

The plan is to leave tomorrow early in the morning and stay at the resort until the last day of Songkran. Supposed to be a full house starting this weekend.  We will then head back to the mango for a couple of weeks before I make a dash to the states for a month or so.  Back in late May and then wait for the new baby to arrive in September.  Don't want to take a chance and miss the birth like last time for Marina.  She was a month early and was born while I was on route from Taipei to Bangkok.  I thought I had plenty of time arriving a month early, but fate had it own plans and I got here a few hours late instead of being early.

Weather is going to be hot upcountry.  Over 100F everyday for the next week or so.  The saving grace is that the humidity is lower (around 30%) so we don't have that heat index rise like here in the mango...more like Las Vegas weather in the late spring or summer.  But that is why we have aircon right?  

More from the resort tomorrow.

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