Saturday, April 16, 2016

Songkran's last legs....

Its almost over.  The long Songkran week has been a strange mix of being terribly busy to outright boring.  It seems like there is always a rush to get somewhere to meet some family member or do something related to Songkran, and then there are those moments where absolutely nothing is happening.  Many of the stores and businesses are closed for the holidays and some friends are afraid to come out due to the water fights and the hot weather.  

During our stay upcountry, we went to the local Wat in the evening to see the show.  It was kind of mild this year due to the drought and the impact that it has had on the local rice farmers.  Just 12kms down the road from us the residents have no water in their taps - let alone to do any kind of farming. We were lucky to have invested in building up our water infrastructure last year and thus we still have plenty of water in our fish ponds and khlong.  

Marina getting ready by Grandma for the big dance

The show really simple this time.  No Vegas style costumes and showgirls like last year.  Only a really good band and people dancing and having a fun time.  Its not too big a community and everyone knows everyone else.

Everyone having a great time dancing or watching

For 20 baht, you can buy a ticket and have a dance with one of the pretty girls on stage

As it was at the local Wat, no alcohol was on sale...

Having been back in the Mango for a couple of days, its been pretty quiet as many businesses are closed.  Even on the last evening yesterday, there were water fights in my neighborhood.  Worries about being ambushed caused a number of guys to cancel out on the Friday night get together at the free buffet.  

On a great note was a LINE call I got from a friend who I thought was still in Saudi Arabia.  Evidently,  he finished his contract several months ago and has returned to Phuket and his family.  He accomplished his goal of making enough to be financially secure for his family and himself after more than five years in a less than optimal environment.   He will be in California next month when I will be there also and we are going to get together and catch up on things then.

That's it for now.  I might visit Khlong Thom market today and maybe go out to the weekend market tomorrow in the morning.  Have to do some shopping before I head to California at the end of the month.

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