Friday, April 1, 2016

Trying to freeze a moment in time......

Princess Anna - Marina of Ardendale

Its not everyday that your almost three year old daughter sees her heroines live.  She is still at that age that we all wish we never grew up out of, where every cartoon character and character in costume is REAL.  For the last few months, she has been engrossed, like millions and millions of kids around the world, with the movie "Frozen".  Even Disney did not anticipate that it would be so popular as to become the 5th largest grossing movie of all time with over 1.2 Billion in box office sales.  Who knows how many more billions have been made in merchandise and licensed products sales.  

Frozen is a cartoon musical about two royal sisters that are kept apart because one has the power to freeze anything and create an endless winter.  Its a story about love between sisters, and good over evil, etc. Just add a wonderful soundtrack with great singers and you have a block buster that will influence a whole generation of kids (toddler to teens).

When "Disney on Ice" Bangkok was announced a few months ago, I jumped at the opportunity for her to see the show, which featured a large segment based on the movie.  The show has been very popular, selling out the best seats in a matter of days so they added more shows just recently.

The shows in Thailand are in Thai, but there are a couple of shows in which the narratives are in English as well.  We chose the Thai version as Marina sees the English version all the time and we wanted her to see a different version to develop her language skills.

Impact Arena is a great venue but some of the cheaper seats are really far away and high.  I don't think one can see very much from them except with binoculars.  Our seats were not bad, but they were at the sides - still cost me 1200 baht each though.  

Yesterday was one of those Mastercard "priceless moments".  It was also one of those "Kodak moments" for those older generation folks like me when they still had film in cameras.  Even better were the looks on her face during the show and her reaction to the various segments.

We left for the Impact Arena early anticipating a lot of traffic around the venue and I glad we did.  There were many empty seats at the start and a lot of people arrived late.  Getting there early also allowed us to wander around the various promotional booths set up for photos,  food, pictures, and programs.  They even had costumes booths set up in the parking lots for those girls that didn't have time to buy one before the show.

This older gentleman was harking programs in English and Thai 

B and Marina enjoying some KFC while waiting

Another little Elsa complete with wig
Picture thousands of little girls in Elsa and Anna costumes with parents chasing them all around for pictures is the description that best describes yesterday's pre-show atmosphere.  Various banks and insurance companies had set up picture displays for photos but the lines were very long.  We only managed to get one photo session at the Krungsri booth after waiting 30 minutes.   

Was it worth the time and money?  To me it was.  One father told me he drove 300KMs to take his three daughters to see the show.  I guess that Disney Magic works even here in the Land of Smiles. Can't wait for the all Frozen version of Disney on Ice coming out sometime next year......

Finally have some time for myself his week so I think I will go to the free buffet tonight and hang out a bit.  After all, there is life outside the Kingdom of Ardendale right?

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