Monday, April 11, 2016

Trying to keep cool.......

Its that time of the year where I begin to dislike the land of smiles.  Its the hot season where everyday the temperature up here goes above 100F and 105F is the average we've been having to deal with lately.  There seems to be no end to it as the 10 day forecast through Songkran is calling for the same conditions.  Right now, its 107F outside where just sitting or standing around means sweat dripping off my body.

Sure we have aircon, but I like the outdoors and not spending a large part of the day inside a bubble of cool air.  We have a few hours from around 5AM to about noon at the latest where its bearable, but the rest of the day its staying inside to avoid heat stroke.  This weather reminds me of when I worked on a secret project in Phoenix, Arizona for three months in the summer.  The streets would be empty during the day and only in the early morning or late at night, would we see any people around.  All the rest of the time, people would be inside their aircon offices, houses, or cars.  

From what I can tell, its no better in the mango.  The temperature is lower, but the heat index is much higher or on some days it feels hotter than up here in the country.  

No further sightings of the python were reported yesterday, although I swore I heard some noise outside my bungalow last night.  Guess I am just a bit anxious about the situation and am now likely hearing things that aren't there.  The resort is full but no complaints or sighting from the guests.  They are just glad also to have good aircon rooms up here.

The other news is that B's mother decided not to move the house from her aunt's property over yet.  Said something like April was a bad luck month to move houses.  The number 4 is bad luck to most Asian cultures so she might have something there....or maybe its just too darned hot to do anything at the moment...

Lastly, family members have started to arrive and drop in on almost a daily basis.  B' father side is here at the moment and they are busy with the Barbie and some fresh fish from our fish ponds.  Looks like a lot of beer is going to be drunk tonight....555

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