Saturday, April 9, 2016

Upcountry Living......

Spent yesterday doing a number of things like checking out the Jungle Market pad, installing my new wireless router, and making a trip into Chaiyaphum to do some shopping and check out some trees.  Typical boring stuff that needs to be done in person.  I saw a large group of trees off the highway on the way up here the other day and I think its someone offering them for sale.  Might drive back today or tomorrow and check it out as getting some large trees for the market is one of my goals for the next couple of months.  Starting out with large trees gives instant shade in this hot climate and makes the whole place look more 'mature' from the very start.

These trees were over 20 years old when we got them

For example, we spent a tidy sum getting full grown palm trees and other plants for the resort.  That gave us a few years head-start in the landscaping and now we are in a position to be growing more of the plants from seed and small cuttings on our own.  The difficulty is being able to identify the trees and their scientific names vs what the Thais call them.

B's little anniversary 'surprise'

B told me that she was getting me something special for our anniversary.  As it turned out, as it goes with Thai women sometimes, that little surprise for 'me' turns out to be more of a surprise gift for 'her'. But I didn't mind as I was looking for something like this anyway as a way to begin my classic car collection here in the land of smiles.  Aside from some really expensive and old imported cars, there is shortage of cars from the 80s and 90s, and getting one is pristine condition is very rare.

1994 BMW 318i M Series body

As it turned out, we (as I paid for most of it) got a fairly good deal for a very cherry car.  The owner is a port official that likes bimmers, and was unloading one from his stable for a song (around 150K) because he is out of garage space. Its a 1994 318i, four door sedan with only 140K kilometers.  The car is 22 years old and averaged only around 7K per year.  Its all functional and body and interior are in perfect condition and will be 'our' weekend toy. It also has a LPG conversion so that it can run cheaper on long trips. I was kind of hesitant as I did not have a good experience with my 90's 5-Series bimmer - ended up in the shop a lot more than my Honda ever did.  But we got a good reference to a cheap BMW mechanic in the mango who maintains this vehicle and his work seems very good and cheap.  Consumers Reports also gave the car a 4.5 star rating (see link)

From the feel of it however, I think that B will be driving this vehicle a lot more as I am perfectly happy with Vanna. The only catch is that the car is maroon and that's a shade of red.  We all know how that color is kinda taboo at the moment, so I'm hoping it won't be an issue around town.

The chores remaining this week include moving one of the wooden houses from B's aunt's property to our resort as a possible rental unit.  More on that later in the week as it time to get the day started.

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