Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Why the American Two Party system is over

Regardless of whether Donald Trump wins or loses the nomination, there is likely going to be a three ticket race for President.  Maybe even four, if Hillary doesn't gets knocked out by being indicted by the FBI and the Justice Department.  

For the Republicans, their death spiral started when they began to plot against Trump.  Unlike in years past, when shady and secret deals could be made in dark rooms, today's information and leaks can go viral in seconds around the planet.  

Even mainstream news media, long the dependable propagandists on retainer have found their effectiveness shattered as social media and blogs have proliferated.  Voters can do their own research for free, whereas in the past, media would have to pay thousands for the same information.  Pocket phones with video, phone records, surveillance cameras, and just people out for a buck make every place and corner a potential source of good or incriminating evidence.    

So when the Republicans and the 'establishment' began to plot against Trump, they did so with ridiculous arrogance and stupidity.   They all flew in their private jets to the not so 'secret meeting' which everyone knew about.  They had other meetings to develop a 100 day plan to stop Trump from clinching the nomination on the first ballot.  In the not so secret maneuvers,  they are trying to infiltrate Trojan horse delegates who will flip their votes on command.  The funny thing is that all this might work...they will likely thwart Trump's nomination, but that will also mean the end of the Republican party as a credible source of political leaders.   For over 1/3 of its base or more is likely to leave the party over this scandal.  Already behind in numbers against the Democrats, this reduction will guarantee Republican defeats in all future elections for many years to come.  No one wants to back a losing political party so donations and backers will abandon in droves.  

A big miscalculation is that the Republican party will be able to get the Trump supporters to rally behind their 'chosen' candidates.  The big surprise is that they won't.  Nor will they ever believe anything the party leaders tell them, knowing full well that the game is rigged and their votes mean nothing.  They may have won the 'battle' to deny Trump the nomination, but in the process they lost the 'war' over the hearts, minds, and loyalty of a large portion of their party members. 

As for the Democrats, its likely that Hillary will get the nod even though she should be in jail.  I don't think the Sanders votes will hold their noses and vote for her just to be party loyalists.  But we all know that of all the candidates, she was the only one chosen to attend the Bilderberg meeting so she is likely the 'chosen one' for this go around, despite her corrupt and criminal record. 

Wouldn't this be a great name for a new political party????

All this means that its ripe for other  parties to get organized.  Before this period, there were many skeptics of the effectiveness and need for a third or fourth party but now people understand that without this option, they are indeed powerless. In the UK, there are 16 parties, in France, at least seven, and even in a country like Israel there are 11. Most so called democratic countries have more than two parties. 

Now, what if Donald Trump runs as an independent and gets more Electoral College votes than either the Republicans or Democrats but not a majority?  Wouldn't that send a bigger message to the two party 'establishment'????  He is not going to be President as that scenario will call for the Congress to pick the President and the senate to determine the VP.  We all know how that is going to come out.  So for Trump, its the first ballot or bust.  There are no other scenarios where he can become President.  What he can become is a political martyr as he will likely suffer what no one should have to go through just wanting to serve his country.  He will be millions poorer, but he will awaken a whole generation of  voters who will unleash their anger with a vengeance  never seen before in American politics. The whole world will be watching our 'perfect democratic model' of governance in action.

My last political rant for a while as it gets depressing.  I rather concentrate on how nice it is living here in the land of smiles where its just the military in control....555

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