Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bit over a week left

Gosh, where did all that time go?

With only a bit over a week left before the jump back to the big mango, time is running really short and there is so much left to do.  Managed to get some work done this week and a bit of play time too as I went out during the week to Brentwood where the cherries are in season.  This is the perfect time to get cherries right off the tree as next weekend will be memorial day and it will be a zoo in that area.  There are many farms in Brentwood, but we like to go to Lopez farm because they have the best selection of cherries.  They have three or four varieties that get ripe at different times.  I especially like their Bing cherries and we just happened to hit them at the right time.

Their Rainier Cherry patch is scheduled to open this weekend. 

Some Bings have already started to dry up and by memorial day weekend, I think they are going to be too ripe and soft.  

Not cheap....$3.50 per pound  (doesn't include the ones you eat as you pick..555)
B loves cherries.  Have to buy a bunch before I leave this week, and I am hoping to find some at Costco or Safeway in boxes.  What we can't eat, we freeze and turn them into mini cherry pops. Have a bunch of other shopping to do this week and may take a couple of days and go up to the cabin and clean stuff up as I will be away for the summer.  Sparse posting until I get back to the mango.

 In any case, can't wait to get home as I miss everyone there a lot.

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