Sunday, May 1, 2016

Eye of the Liberal 'loo' 'loo' land

I'm in the heart of liberal lulu land,  but now also in the midst of  'loo loo land' too.  It all started in the morning when I went to one of my local stores, Target, for some groceries.  It wasn't until I got into the store that I noticed that it was quieter than usual.  In fact, it was kind of creepy to see this store so quiet.  Then I remembered that Target has been in the news again for its stand on the use of its bathrooms.  The policy basically says that you can go to whatever bathroom of the sex you feel you are part of, irregardless of your actual biological sex. As Target states its "part of their core values of being inclusive" as it applies to the LGBT community.

Naturally, there was an outrage from the current base of 99.8% customers who wanted the bathrooms to be left the way they were.  So an online petition of over 1 million signatures was collected, and a boycott declared.    As a result,  the stock price dropped, and the stores sales have fallen dramatically.

But...women should not complain so much.  Have you ever seen the long lines to enter the women's bathrooms while the men's rooms are virtually empty?  I can see how some women with an urgent need to use the toilet can have that "felt like a man moment" and pop right into the men's room to get over that pressing issue...

Anyway, after being checked out by a girl with red hair, being asked if I wanted a bag (its illegal to give out free plastic bags in this area), and being $55 USD poorer for one bag of groceries, I came home and reflected on what I just saw. 

This is the new normal here.

Then the local news said that Donald Trump was arriving to give a speech across the bay in Burlingame. Hundreds of odd looking protesters (likely a paid rent-a-mob), some waving Mexican flags,  blocked the front of the hotel and he had to duck in the back door to avoid them. Hey, the guy hasn't even been declared the nominee yet.  Naturally it made the local and national news.. the SF Bay area again looked like it deserved title of  the kook center of the world.

This is the new normal here.

It sure made me home sick for the big mango, where public toilets are clean and spotless and the obsession of sex gender discrimination doesn't override common sense.  Sure there are places in the reservation and elsewhere where public toilets are truly 'public', but its tolerated and accepted based on the circumstances and has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Boys are boys and girls are girls right?   In fact, that gorgeous she may not be a she but a he, but with enough to drink, many a punter will never know the difference ...5555  

That is the normal there

So as I try to get over the weekend and the jet lag, I'm also trying to re-calibrate to the new normal here in loo loo land.  Glad I have my own loo and not have to use one down the hall....also glad I'm outta here in a month.

I don't like the new normal here.

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