Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jet lagged big time...

Jet lagged big time so not much to post today.  Instead, some info on Gold.  Its still one of my anchors in this stormy period.  Don't let the prices fool you as they are all rigged.  Just accumulate the physical metal when you can as the supply is limited and it will never be worth zero.

Would you ever trust an institution which has never been audited?  If you have your life savings in dollars, I would be scared...real scared.

Some math:  8,133 tons = 16,266,000 lbs or 260,256,000 ounces

260,256,000 times $1215 per ounce is equal to 316,211,040,000.  In English its just a wee bit over $316 billion dollars.

Compare that to our national debt of 19 Trillion dollars and you can see we are broker than broke.  Even if we sold every ounce of gold we have, we could not pay off our debts today.  In fact, we owe 57 times more than we have gold assets on hand.

That's reality, in cold hard facts and numbers.

I"m going down to see the moo bing man for some breakfast.  At least I'm here in the mango if things go boom in the next few months.  

US COMEX Gold Futures Market – An infographic hosted at BullionStar.com

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