Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Kalifornia...getting over the jet lag

Trying my best to get over the jet lag, but its been a struggle.  Supposedly, it takes one day per time zone going East to get adjusted and its already been four days since getting back and I'm still feeling a bit sleepy during the day and am wide awake at night.  

To combat the JL, I've been trying to stay busy and active doing my business and getting outside for some exercise and fresh air during the day.  What better way to get some fresh air than to go out to the archery range?  Everything is all dried up now and the hills and range are nice and green.  

While I was away, my custom Blacktail bow was finished and shipped to me.  It took seven months for my order to be completed due to the long queue of customers and the detail work to meet each bow's custom specs. As a buyer, I got to select the woods, the bow length, draw weight, and even the detailing in the riser, tips, and limbs.  I was really impressed and delighted at how my bow came out.  Made of Bolivian Rosewood and Cocobola, its a work of art and shoots really well.  So, as soon as I could I made the trek to the archery range and shot about 150 arrows.  To my great delight, its smooth, quiet, and very fast.  So good in fact, I'm considering ordering a Longbow version in a few months. 

So what else is new in the Bay Area?  Lots.  The Warriors are kicking butt and will likely win the NBA Championship again.  And congrats to Trump for getting the presumptive nomination but he had better be very careful from this point on as the powers that be are very nasty people.  I can only reminiscent about how much Bobby Kennedy could have changed things if he got elected.  

Dungeness crab is available locally at Costco at about $14 apiece as is Alaskan King crab legs.  Can't really get them in the land of smiles but the price tag made me walk away in disgust.  Used to be able to buy crabs fresh and alive for $3 a pound down at the Wharf a few years ago.  But times have changed and only the rich and foolish can partake in this kind of food anymore (sigh).  

They look pre-cooked already

Lastly, I ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon's Prime Pantry.  Its a great option to going to the store and buying non perishable food and goods.  You can buy water, drinks, detergent, and many household and food items and then have them put inside a virtual 'box'.  The box is delivered for a flat fee of $5.99 so its a bargain for those who don't want to haul the stuff or don't have a car.  

I was able to get many items that I needed cheaper than the local stores and it will be delivered this week to my door.  They include heavy items like water, sodas, can goods, etc.  Beats having to run all over town and haul all the stuff to my trunk and then packing it up to my condo.  This way, everything arrives in one box and I just have to put it in a cart and wheel it up to the condo.  All I need now is for a Amazon robot to put things away and I will be all set....probably have to tip in digital money too...555

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