Friday, May 6, 2016

Laying the ground work for Martial Law

As I posted previously regarding the political situation here in the US, things are seemingly falling in place as I feared.  With Trump all but wrapping up the nomination with last weeks events, the NWO is in a state of panic.  But they are not stupid and have anticipated such events and have long prepared for an engineered breakdown of civil society.  From the development of FEMA camps (with bars pointing inside to keep people in), to plastic coffins, etc. to the latest Executive order, they are expecting something big shortly.

In my last post about the election, I said the Obama would likely implement martial law if things don't go as planned with Hillary winning the election.  She was the anointed one this time, with Jeb Bush being the backup.  But as things are begin to unravel, the NWO has no choice but to create a false flag event, an election breakdown or impasse, or some other kind of event to trigger civil disorder, fear, or other reason in order to implement martial law.  This would allow a reset of the election and maybe even fundamentally alter the fundamental structure or destruction of  the government.

Here is a video, not seen on MSM regarding the executive order.

Am I one of those conspiracy nuts?  Hardly.  But I do have a sense of understanding of how things work in governments from history and living in different countries.  History has shown that people in power like to stay in power, irregardless of how noble their original intentions might have been. They will go to great lengths and expense to stay in power.  People's lives don't matter in the least as they are merely pawns in the great game.

The powers that be in politics today have the same issues as the average American.  They have mortgages, kids, school fees, and their fancy lifestyles.  But the difference is that they can only continue to have these nice things IF things don't change and they can continue to suck money from the other segments of the country who don't have the power or influence to change things.  To that extent, they will do anything to preserve their wealth, their power and their lifestyle...just like any other group of people would do if their livelihood were threatened.  But America cannot afford to maintain this and the chance of losing it all because of political change just terrifies these people.  

The big mistake that the powers that be have made is to underestimate the power of a people movement.   In other countries, people take to the streets against the government in huge numbers until things change.  Like a tidal wave, it starts as a little ripple in the deep ocean before being an overwhelming and unstoppable force when it hits land. Its the aftermath of the tsunami that the powers to be are getting ready for because it looks like they cannot prevent the impact of the wave of change ahead.

So its going to be an interesting few months ahead.  Fortunately I will be outta here before I think things will fall apart.  Just three more weeks before going back home to the mango.

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