Thursday, May 19, 2016

Trump is right...its dangerous here

A lot of controversy over Trump's statement yesterday about Oakland being one of the nation's most dangerous cities.  To many of us living in or near Oakland, this is a reality.  No one goes into Oakland at night except for trouble (and maybe a Warriors game), and those that live there know the realities of what can happen to a city ravaged by drug problems and years of liberal governance and police controversy. 

Now the Democratic mayor wants to spin the situation like the politician she is, but I don't see her walking around without armed protection and wandering into the bad neighborhoods at night.

Stats speak for themselves.  And now when someone like Trump speaks, its news.  That's great  Yes, his mouth is dangerous, but only to the politicians that aren't doing their jobs.  Maybe something will be done about it now that its going to be splattered all over the world media.

Fortunately, the mango is one of the safest places in the world to live.  Can't wait to get to my real home...less than two weeks left

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