Friday, May 20, 2016

Trump Selling out or negotiating with the devil?

Interesting development this week.  But before we begin, some background on the Bilderberg group and Trump published in February:  (not a complete list.  Of note are the missing power players who are never revealed)

With the Trump campaign taking a pivot towards the general election after wrapping up the primaries, I found it strange that he has been meeting with Baker and now Kissinger for foreign policy advice. For a guy who has these innovative ideas about trade reform and strengthening America, it seems like a pretty far out reason to meet with these controversial figures unless its just a 'cover' for another kind of meeting.  But the fact that they are open to meet with him while obviously backing Hillary brings up questions.  Its likely that the powers that be are taking no chances and backing both sides...they win, no matter what.

The Art of the Deal??? ...sure, lets make a deal if you dare...
But with Trump needing about a billion dollars to fund his campaign, is he tempted to take the plunge with the powers that be to make that happen?  Is he negotiating with the devil and what kinda 'deal' can he make without losing his soul and America's soul?  Let's be perfectly clear about one thing. Donald Trump is not going to get anything done without negotiating with this powerful group - before or after his election. They control all the western leaders, the major banks, the military complex, the western media, and can crush the US and Trump's empire like a paper cup.  For example, all they have to do is to cut off his banking line of credit - making sure he can't get a single dime to finance his empire.  Or to pass some laws regarding his holding in Europe to force him to sell off his prime properties.  Yes, he is a big fish among us poor folks, but he is just a little minnow in the big fish pond among the global shark pack.  I am sure he's come to that realization now as the process moves along.

A meeting with Kissinger (14 time Bilderberg conference attendee) can be just passed off as 'covering the bases', but a Trump appearance at the Bilderberg conference and/or meetings with the steering committee will be a sure sign that he has sold out or given up something for their backing.  

So the jury is out - what will he he willing to walk away from the table like he said he would if we can't make a deal?  Only time will tell.

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