Friday, May 13, 2016

Two weeks into my trip

Time is flying by quickly.  Can't believe its already been two weeks since I left the mango for Kalifornia.  Things are going well with this trip and I'm finally over the jet lag.  Visited the joint venture project this week and the third store is scheduled to open next month.  They already have their signage installed and are currently looking for staff.  There is a question as to when the last store will open, but that's their issue as they are paying rent already and we are not tied to a percentage of sales.

On the home front, we finally got some heavy rain last week.  This was a welcome relief from the record heat and dry weather.  The rain also gave us a chance to see how the pad would hold up and where any weak spots were.  The photos that B sent to me indicated that its pretty solid except for two locations. 

The pad is in good condition considering the amount of wash

The road next to the adjacent property is slipping a bit, and a hole developed near the side bordering the resort.  Not bad, but that won't be acceptable for commercial use and it will slide some more.

soil has started to slip on this section
Holes appear as soil underneath washes away (sink hole)
So in the next week or so, B's father, nephew, and a worker will be planting Vetviter grass on the slopes like we did for the fish ponds.  They received about 3000 plants yesterday and were in the process of preparing them to plant.  Once in the ground, it will take a bit for them to get established, but once done, it will help maintain the slopes and manage the water erosion from rains.

Preparing the grass for transplanting

Vitviter Grass in bundles
Also ordered 100 stalks of  Dendrocalamus asper bamboo from a nursery and plantation in Rayong to test their viability in our area.  If they work out, they will likely be one of the species of bamboo we will grow in our plantation.  This specific variety of bamboo is both drought and flood resistant, and is grown widely in Thailand for shoots and timber.  Plants cost 55 baht each delivered.  

Many chores and lots of business remaining on this trip.  Might even throw in a short vacation just to treat myself for all this hard work...

Pardon the sparse postings, but time is short and there is so much left to do.

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