Sunday, May 15, 2016

When men were still men.....

Some times things are better left alone.  For example, its looks like they are in the process of releasing a new version of the movie Magnificent Seven (1960).  But the movie trailer is a tell tale sign that it is going to be a dud.  To make it politically correct for the present day, the seven are now a racially mixed group of mercenaries and the bad guys are a bunch of mostly white guys.

The original movie was a classic, a western version of the seven samurai, and it should be left alone. But in today's world, its too politically incorrect.  Men were men then, and I don't think today's cast would last a few minutes against them.

Sorry Hollywood, you are going to bomb big time on this one.....

1954 Trailer

hey...where are the white guys?...racist movie

1960 Trailer:

Hey, where are the blacks and Asians?  Plus Hispanics are bad guys...racist movie

The trailer for the 2016 version.

Finally, we have a politically correct movie.....bad dud of a movie.

Same story, different times I guess.


  1. Although not Hollywood, another example is the latest Ip Man 3 movie that has a black person (Mike Tyson) as one of the main characters. Pure fantasy given the era and location.

  2. Ha ha, yeah. Saw that movie and agree. A few of the old Bruce Lee movies had Caucasian (Chuck Norris) and black actors (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) as well, but mostly in the role of hired bad guys. But those movies only started using foreign talent after Hollywood got involved in the distribution process.


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