Friday, June 17, 2016

Back upcountry

That was a quick turnaround.  But instead of being at the free buffet at the moment, I'm posting on my blog and getting ready for tomorrow.

Had a tough trip due to the intermittent hard rain and poor visibility.  The new road between the main highway to Chaiyaphum is still under construction and lots of mud and muddy water was kicked up by the vehicles ahead.  That meant a lot of mud and dirt smeared on the windshield and always using the washer to keep it clean.  Its conditions like what we had today that makes having a big car like Vanna worth every penny.  When we got here, the rain was fact, it never rained in this area at all despite the heavy black clouds all around.

After the party this weekend I want to set up the weather station, but the problem is that I can't find a good location to mount my unit within the 100 feet radius of the office.  There are too many trees in the way and they block the wind sensor and mounting on the roof is not possible because there is no place to attach it to.  So until I figure out a location, no weather station for the resort.

Lastly, B's doctor visit was fine.  In addition to the check-up, we also ordered a sonogram.  Based on the imaging, the baby is progressing along very well and she is a little bigger compared to Marina at this point in her development.  We could see her face, hands, and other body parts and they are normally developed.  Also, B feels a lot better with this baby as she gained too much weight with Marina and developing a bit of diabetes and feeling sick all the time. With this baby, B is very active and has a lot of energy compared to last time.  But if this baby has more energy than Marina, I think we are really going to have our hands full with the two of them running around.  We love kids and look forward to it with lots of joy instead of dread.

That's it for today.  Going to busy tomorrow and Sunday, but will try to get up a few pictures and a report on the ordination.

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