Thursday, June 23, 2016

BREXIT....none of my business, but.......

This is a decision for the British to decide, but it has implications to all of us around the world. Many, including myself, see it as a test of the power of the global elite vs the newly awakened populist insurgency.  An exit would be a big setback to those that believe that a one world government and centrally administered economy is best for the Western countries to take on the 'rest of the world'. Many have made a fortune to make and keep this a reality, while others have been crushed by its implementation.  For the others, an exit means a new start and freedom from underneath the umbrella of the EU and its strength in numbers.

For those outside the region, the implications of a new European 'reset' without the British causes uncertainty in the future economic viability of the region.  What if the contagion spreads and France or Germany also pull out?  What happens to the Pound Sterling, will it go up or down?  Investors and businesses hate uncertainty - specifically because it can cost them a lot of money.  Naturally, there is going to be some initial financial shock and setbacks, but in the long run, it will find its equilibrium and no one knows what that is going to be at the moment.  It could be higher for both the EU and the UK or lower too, but it will find its balance point without either the EU or UK going broke.

For the British however, its also a matter of choice between going it alone or riding with the EU gang. If it were up to me, I would look at how strong and viable that gang is going to be and what I would be getting and giving up to be part of that gang.  There is a point where the sacrifice is not worth the gain and that is when its best to pull out and go it alone.  Knowing the strong, independent spirit of the Brits (at least the ones that I am friends with), BREXIT is going to happen.  Getting from under the influence of central bankers controlled by the global elitist gang is going be painful, but in the long run, its going to be the best thing that happened.  

Anyway, as we celebrate little Marina's 3rd birthday tonight and prepare to return to the mango tomorrow, the people of the UK will make their fateful decision.  Choose wisely, the whole world is watching.

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