Thursday, June 2, 2016

Getting over Jet Lag

Will likely take about one to two weeks to get over jet lag.  Always does that to me when I travel, but its just great to be home.  Despite the hot and humid weather, its good to see rain again last night in the mango and the land of smiles.  When I left, we were in the middle of a drought.  Now things are looking much better and B's father tells me that they have had plenty of water coming down up at the resort.  Time for some planting and landscaping.

So, its likely that I will travel up to the resort in the morning and spend some time up there.  Want to start a couple of projects and relax a bit more.  Maybe come back after Father's day, even though its not celebrated in the LOS on that day.

In the meantime, a small plug on an organization that has always been part of my blog's tagline.  Life is good, but I truly believe its so because I did pay it forward and continue to do so.  So if life has been kind and good to you, consider paying it forward as its rewards are much better than anything money can buy.

Random Acts of Kindness and consideration all over the world.  

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