Thursday, June 9, 2016

Good to go for another year

Burning up the whole day going through the process, I am finally good to go for another year. After getting back my passport promptly at 2PM with the retirement visa approved, I quickly dashed over to the copy folks downstairs and then rushed back to the queue line for a Re-Enty permit.  In a bit over an hour, I was finally done - a retirement visa and entry permit, in hand, good until next year.

Normally, I get this annual chore done by about 11AM, but a new change in procedure makes it necessary for you to return later after submitting all the paperwork.  Evidently, everything gets cleared in one central place and I guess there is some kind of computer work being done such as a quick background check, and entering your data into some kind of government expat database.  We know this database exists because it was hacked a few months ago during testing and some names and addresses were revealed on the government website.  I am not positive of these, but its likely the case with the recent policy of keeping bad guys out of Thailand and implementing harsh penalties for overstays.

Anyway, readers should be warned that its going to take a bit longer from now on, and make sure all your ducks are in order before getting here.  Also be aware you are going to be digitally tracked in some kind of database.  For me, I don't really care as I have nothing to hide but for others, that might be an issue.  I figure that is the price I must pay to live here and I have too much here to walk away due to this issue.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the world:

The Bilderberg Group is meeting this weekend in Germany.  Its normal that in this cycle, they usually meet in the USA, but something changed that.  Maybe its Trump?  as he is one of the topics of the meeting this time.  As I said before, Mr. T should watch his back as these are evil people with lots of resources.   Rumors are that the meetings with Kissinger did not go well and that Trump turned down a 200 million campaign donation for selecting one of their choice VPs.  Might mean that Trump is the real deal, but he should be very careful now.   Many believe that the Kennedys were targets because they fought this influential group.

When a President thinks its serious, its not just another conspiracy theory.  Especially if he paid for it with his life.

Lastly, planning to have lunch with Barnaby today and will likely head back upcountry on Friday.  I ordered more bamboo that is going to be delivered and needs to be sacked.  Also,  the land for the bamboo is due to get 400 more trucks of dirt to raise its elevation about one meter.  I want to make sure we don't have a flood issue that will kill my bamboo investment.  The variety I chose is supposed to be drought and flood resistant, but it won't tolerated being underwater for months on end.

More later.

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  1. f7
    in pattaya where i do my visa it has always been like this.
    you leave your passport and come back the next day after 10pm to pick it up
    i believe it is for them to enter your visa info into their system


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