Sunday, June 5, 2016

Heading back to the mango tomorrow

Have to go back to the mango tomorrow.  B got informed that she has to go to a meeting regarding a unit we bought a few years back.  Its looks like the government wants to take the unit back to make room for the new Mall Project on Wireless and Rama IV.  There are many families that are going to be impacted by this but I understand that the government will be offering monetary compensation for unit owners and relocation expenses.  I doubt it will amount to much however, but never the less, B has to go to the meeting.  We've been renting the unit out so our tenants will be impacted more than B, and we will likely give them any relocation money we get from the government.

Hot and humid today, with temps near 100F so I'm just chilling out and napping a lot.  Don't really want to get into any projects.  More tomorrow when I get back to the mango.

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