Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hope for getting things done dashed to pieces

Plans of mice and men - dashed to pieces due to changes.  Little did I or anyone else know, Thai immigration has changed their retirement visa process. 

There is now an extra step which requires having an investigation period before they give you back your passport with the approved visa.  I was 11th in line, but I will have to wait until 2pm anyway before coming back.  I assume this gives someone the chance to make sure your info is correct and that you aren't some kind of criminal or pervert hiding out here.

Lady told me the process started just this week so I guess I was unlucky to be one of the first to experience this surprise.

Also means getting re-entry permit today is going to be unlikely.  Yuck...have to come back again just for that before I leave.

More later...five hours of waiting around.

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