Thursday, June 16, 2016

In the Mango

Back in the mango today.  B has a doctor's appointment and this weekend we have a social event that we are attending back upcountry.  Seems like a lot of running around, and it is.  But having two places to reside sometimes creates such problems.  I am going to try to sneak off to the archery range today if time permits since I haven't shot an arrow in nearly six weeks.  My new bow is just itching to get out of the bag...

First two trees for the market planted - Fast growing shade trees called 'Da Gulp'  (Frog eye)
The grading and ground preparation is done for the plantation and we even planted some of the trees for the market the last couple of days.  We selected 'da gulp' for the market due to its fast growth and its berry like fruit.  The trees should be decent size in less than a year!

view of the main field.  Some bamboo already planted in back of market and well as vetiver grass for soil retention

I am hoping that by the time we get back on Friday, some of the bamboo plants have already been planted.  The nice thing about this effort is that the evacuation of the holes are rather shallow and the ground is very soft due to the rich soil.  There are also very few seedlings that need to be planted - less than 300.  I expect that it will take two days at most and that will be all except for the watering and feeding.  

Once grown (can take 5 years), we will be good to go for harvesting for the next 25 or more years with little or no maintenance.  I will be long gone when the grove needs to be replenished.

Whatever happens, at least I will have a place to come to when all hell breaks loose.  Like every straw on the camel's back, world events continue to pile on, bring us closer to the brink.  This week's shooting in Orlando might pale in comparison if the world economy breaks due to the BREXIT vote.  A vote to exit may not only trigger the end of the Euro, but more and more countries may choose to bail out while they still can.  Many believe that the vote could trigger an even bigger event than the Lehman collapse back in 2008.  When the Bilderberg Group considers it the biggest problem on the plate, its serious indeed.  Even George Soros is buying gold, anticipating something big is going to happen...and that vulture gets rich from opportunities like this.

Timing is all.  We know things are going kaput, but exactly when and what black swan event triggers the collapse is the billion dollar question.  I feel its getting awfully close...the camel is moaning big time that his back in hurting.

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