Friday, June 24, 2016

Its the morning after...

Actually, it already afternoon here in the mango.  We left early this morning to beat the traffic and got into the mango a bit after noon time.  Marina had a great birthday party and my little girl is now three years old and a handful.  Both B and I wish we could freeze her at this age because she is so fun and innocent and has such a happy view of the world.  But they grow up eventually and different kinds of challenges and joys will come with each stage of development.

Our party was not too big...just family and a few friends.  But the important thing was that there was cake, candles, and lots of happy birthday singing.  The look in Marina's face was priceless and we got a lot of those priceless moments captured.  Some day, she will look back and hopefully remember the innocent times we all enjoyed together as a family.

The celebration started in the afternoon with a simple ceremony at the spirit house.  B's family is very traditional and superstitious and believe in the spirits that occupy our land.  B and B's mother also believe that a dragon spirit protects us from evil spirits and bad luck, so we have to give offerings on special occasions or when we feel the need.  B's horoscope is the sign of the dragon and Marina's is the sign of the snake - might be something to all of this...555.  B's nephew is an extremely talented kid that can make figures out of banana leaves, and he created this beautiful dragon for Marina's birthday.  Took him almost three days to make will be floated into the pond at some point when the leaves begin to turn brown.

The detail is fantastic

Marina watches as Grandma sets up the table for the offerings
Table in front of spirit house.  Note stone near base - it was found on the land and looks like a dragon

B and Marina give thanks and wish for more good luck

In the evening, it was a traditional kind of kid's party with lots of food and cake.  No biggie for us old folks, but for kids, its a really big deal because they haven't had that many...he he he

Marina's cake, a bit running due to the heat...555
'Frozen' themed plates daddy brought over just for the party

Boy, you learned fast on how to blow out candles on a cake (Didn't know how last year)

Eating cake is just so much fun too.
So that was Marina's big day yesterday.  It was a lot of fun and we were dodging rain storms all day. Plenty of food for the adults and now we are free to hang out in the mango for a bit.  

Just saw the news that BREXIT is on, and that Cameron is gone.   Markets are in turmoil and the currencies are in chaos.  But to a gold bug like me, it was sweet music to my ears.  The Brits are a strong and resourceful bunch and they will emerge out of this much better than if they stayed.  It just goes to show that financial markets and currencies are just shams.  After all, there are hundreds of countries that are not part of the EU and we are doing just fine, thank you.

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