Friday, June 3, 2016

Projects, projects, projects

Projects is my code name for things to do.  Its like a wish list, a honeydew list, and I better do list combined.  Some take a lot of time, and some can be done quite quickly, but in my book, they are things that need to be done.

Anyway, a smooth drive upcountry.  Rained a bit on the way, but that is good news these days and the countryside is starting to look green again.  Not 100% over jet lag yet so felt a bit sleepy after the drive and then zonked out for a 4 hour nap before waking up for dinner.

One of my project in the next two weeks that will be fun, will be the installation of our very own weather station.  Not only will it be a personal weather station for the resort, but the unit will become part of the Wunderground Personal Weather Station Network.  With over 180,000 stations around the world, its the largest and most accurate reporting network available.  As it happens, there are no stations in our area and our station will fill a hole in the network.

Bought the Ambient Weather WS1001 unit

I bought the required unit before I left the US and will set it up in the next few days.  It  was on sale at Amazon and is one of the easiest to set up.   The challenge is finding the right place for the proper light, wind speed, and rain collection so the data will not be distorted.  Don't know who else will be using the data as there is no official reporting station in Chaiyaphum proper.

The unit is equipped with WiFi back to the base unit, which in turn displays the info and interfaces with Weatherunderground.  In order to become part of the network, one has to register online and get the unit listed.  That means, one can access our station from anywhere in the world and WU will retain historical records in the database and provide custom forecast for our area.  

For example, did you know that you can get temperatures for different parts of the mango?  Most weather stations just report from places like the airport or official stations which may be quite a distance from your point of interest.  Just try this link to weatherunderground and select the "change station" option.  You will see a list and map of all the locations available from the personal weather station network in your area.  There is even a weather station for my condo that someone set up (not me) I can get real time info.

Other sources of weather in the land of smiles include the Thai Meteorological Department website.  This site includes warnings and other historical data.  As we get closer to being a bamboo plantation, we have to pay closer attention to weather than before...not that the weather changes that much here beside how hot it will get.

Anyway, more later as I am getting the 'sleeping disease' again from jet lag.

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