Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Quiet couple of days in the mango

Spent the last couple of days doing chores.  Got a haircut, sent out packages, and tried to start on some paperwork.  Routine stuff not worth writing about but never-the-less has to get done no matter where one is living.  Even had a chance to talk to Bangkok Buddy on LINE and then on the phone because I asked him to pick up some barbless fishing hooks for me in Reno.  They are not easy to find here in Thailand and I want the kids and people who fish in our pond to use them as they can more easily release the fish they catch that they don't want.

Fishing from a stocked fish pond is way too easy and I want to make it a bit harder and increase the survival rate of the fish we release back into the pond.   I also want them to learn and practice "catch and release" to understand that catching the fish for sport is different than catching the fish and eating them.  I don't have any problem with catching fish to eat, but I don't like for them to catch so much fish that they can't  possibly eat it all and then throw it away.  I also want them to put the small fish back so that they can grow up before we catch or harvest them again.  By the way, we use nets to harvest the fish and these trips to the pond for fish is purely for fun.

Note the high tech fishing equipment...bamboo cane with just a hook and line tied on the end.

This little guy is definitely a throw back.  Climbing perch worth 120 baht when big...

This is a keeper size.  Fish near B's aunt's right leg
The time to harvest is pretty soon as it almost time for the ponds to be flooded and refilled with new stock.  These pictures are from a couple of months ago.  B is definitely a lot bigger now and even started to get some Braxton Hicks contractions last night.  My guess is that the baby will be early again like her older sister Marina, who was a month early.

Lastly, a trip is planned for the transportation department for my driver's license renewal tomorrow. Will give a report on the process and see if it has changed.  When I renewed it 10 years ago, I had to sit through a tear jerking video about safe driving and seat belts.  Whole process took several hours as the video was shown only a specific times and you had to stick around until you saw it.  Didn't have to do another driving or written test.

Time for some food.   NO, its not gonna be fish tonight!

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