Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rainy Days in the Land of Smiles

Woke up to the sound of fierce thunder and lightning last night, and this morning it was raining pretty hard so I cancelled my 6 am morning walk.  We need the rain but when it rains, it seems like it just pours.  Saw in the news that some Bangkok streets are flooded, but not to the extent that it was a few years back when people were in a panic sandbagging their doorways.  There is even a picture of the local governor in his rubber boots walking around a flooded street for a photo op.

Rainy view from my table this morning while having some tea..
Its rainy season in the land of smiles.  Its also a favorite time for me as its cools off somewhat until the sun comes back out -- then it gets really humid and muggy.  But this is the time when the ground is soft and we can plant trees and other landscape plants without having to use heavy duty hardware.  

The 'gang' of family workers went out and planted the three logan trees I bought for the market and 30 Bambusa 'Nana' bamboo clumps.  It wasn't too muddy as the soil has been turned and the rain mostly drained out without much issue.  We have about 120 clumps in the ground not counting the ones in the market, and have about 180 more to go.  We will stop then and check out the feasibility and take this year to learn about the varieties before planting more.

Spent the large part of yesterday trying to put together the photo show for the ordination.  Its not easy to edit out pictures, especially if you don't know everyone.  The father came by this morning and I gave him what I had to look at and a sample DVD take home.  He seemed overjoyed and will give me some pictures of his son in the full monk garb to finish the project off.  It will be about 25 minutes long and cover almost two days of activities.  

With Marina's party later this week,  I am getting anxious to return to the mango for a change of pace.  I enjoy being here, but going out to eat at a sushi place sounds really great to me right now.....

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