Monday, June 20, 2016

Really long weekend

Its Monday.  The weekend was very long and I'm glad its all over.  Today, I am compiling pictures and will shortly start on a photoshow for the event.  A young man's ordination into Monkhood is a big deal in Thailand.  Its the event that fathers plan for their sons to give themselves face and for the young man, its his rite of adulthood.  In other words, its a once in a lifetime event and a lot of time and money is poured into it to give the family and the young man 'face'.  

All over Thailand, ordinations are happening this time of year as the rainy season starts and the monks stay inside to meditate and teach new novices the way of Buddhism.  Yesterday, there were three other ordinations underway at the same time as our event and the small streets in the moo baan were jammed with pickups and loud music trucks that can rattle your teeth out.  This parade was preceded by a very traditional and solemn head shaving and cleansing ceremony, a large banquet with entertainment, and well wishes by friends and family.  

Just a few pictures from a 'mini' photoshow to give one a taste, but to experience one personally is the best way to understand one of the most important Thai traditions and to help you a lot in your adjustment to living in the land of smiles.  If you get invited...don't hesitate..go!

Will be returning to the mango after we celebrate Marina's 3 year old party this week.  

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