Monday, June 13, 2016

Up for a bit of Air

Its been a crazy few days and thus the blogging has been suffering.  We are a bit behind schedule in starting the bamboo plantation but that's how things work up here in the country.  Weather is a big factor in scheduling and the big storm that blew through here the other night left everything too soggy to work with.  The wet soil sticks to everything and walking is nearly impossible on the field and there is always a risk that the machinery may get stuck.

Front is done, grading needs to be done on the back portion.  Note the Khlong for watering plants
Anyway, after a day and 1/2 of drying out, we are starting up again today.  The fill out is proceeding as planned and we are now one meter higher than before on almost four rai of land.  One meter doesn't sound like much, but it took 500 trucks of dirt.  What that extra meter does for us is to give a bit more time in the event of flooding for the bamboo to survive.  If one meter allows the water to clear a few weeks earlier, the better as it reduces the damage from submersion.  Everything should be done tomorrow barring no storms tonight...555

Visited a couple in the area who is also starting their plantation.  They are planting 8 rai with 1,000 clumps of the same variety of bamboo as we are using.  They were really nice and showed us their progress and we exchanged a lot of information.  Its the kind and friendly way people interact in these parts as they are not worried so much about competition, etc.  After all, there is  plenty of demand and business for everyone as the market is wide open and the farmers all stick together and often help each other with the work. There is a lot of cooperation in other crops among farmers too..for example, everyone in the area is growing rice and the same variety as well - so competition is kind of foolish and useless as someone (usually the same group of brokers) will always buy all that is produced anyway.  

Then there is the challenge that the resort was full all this week so B's mother is scrambling to keep up with all the guests and their 'special' requests.  Next weekend, I have to be back in the area to help celebrate another social event.  The son of the contractor that does all our earth movement for the resort and plantation is going to become a monk.  That means two days of continuous celebrations, and I was asked to be one of the 'VIP sponsors' - a kind of ceremonial role of standing around and looking important I guess.  Supposed to be a great honor and gesture of respect by the family so I am going to do my best to not embarrass anyone - especially myself!

Here is one ceremony I documented about 2 years ago in which I made a slideshow from photoshow and gave it to the family as a gift.  To them it was priceless and they can even tell their relatives to watch it on YouTube !

BTW, the property in which this ceremony took place is the one that we purchased a few months back.

Anyway, what that means to my schedule is that I am due back to the mango on Wednesday.  On Thursday, B has a new doctor's appointment, and Friday, we are heading back up here so that we can participate next weekend.  That means no Friday Night Buffet again with the guys.

Busy, busy, busy,....but I won't have it any other way.  


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  2. I use twitter-sometimes. @seven_winds


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