Friday, June 10, 2016

Upcountry already....

Left early this morning and arrived at the resort around 10:30 AM.  Very pleasant drive this morning and even had time to stop by to buy some plants for the resort.  B's father had requested some grapes for a trellis he is building.  I didn't think they had grapes here in the Land of Smiles, but there they were at the roadside nursery for 150 baht apiece.  I was under the impression that grapes needed a certain amount of time of cold weather in order to produce sweet fruit.  Maybe what's here is a special variety as they have a winery in the Pak Chong area which is between Bangkok and our resort.  I guess we will know next year if we get some grapes.

Bamboo saplings ready to be planted

Also found what I think are some Bambusa Nana bamboo plants.  These are hard to come by and so far I could only find about 30 plants on the internet for 150 baht apiece.  This place had them for 100 baht so I ended up getting 10 plants to check them out.  The owner, an older Thai woman, was delighted to have me back so she gave me an extra one for good will.  Likely means I paid too much already...5555.

Some grading needs to be done still

We own the land back to the bushes.  Land to the road will be elevated.  The other side is going to remain as is for now
They are almost finished with raising the bamboo area  about 1 meter when I arrived an hour ago.  Its about 90% done and likely will take 450 truckloads of dirt to complete.  I should have around 4 plus rai of elevated platform for the bamboo.   Another rai, which is behind the road,  I am going to leave at the regular elevation to test the drought resistant variety to see if they can survive in our area.  

We just had a huge storm blow through which knocked out the internet in the area.  So I'm posting late in the day after it has come back up.  More tomorrow on a visit we made this evening to another farmer turned bamboo grower.

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  1. f7
    grapes can be grown in most climates. however the premium wine grapes prefer a cooler dormant season.
    you will have table grapes suitable for eating. you can also make lower quality wine.


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