Sunday, July 24, 2016

$2 USD and under meals in the Land of Smiles

One of the neat things about residing here in Thailand is the cost of living.  Local food is cheap, good, and available everywhere and at almost anytime.  Many of the friends that live back in the states often wonder how I could stay so healthy on third world food.  After all, there is no FDA, local health departments, frozen foods, or other 'safeguards' that are the basis of their food chain.  We have all come to know that is pure fiction and the food chain from the farm to consumers is nothing but a system designed for maximum profits with very little concern over the safety and benefit of the end consumer.  If you have an hour to spare and haven't eaten yet, this is a great video for you.  It will change the way you look at your food forever - it changed mine.

But this post is also about eating here in the LOS.  So as the opportunities come up,  I will periodically post my simple $2 or less complete meals. There are numerous and almost unlimited chances to document these, I just have to remember to take pictures of them.   I am not starving myself either as my waistline and weight are my witnesses.  

Omelet over rice plus Tum Yum Pla (Hot and Sour Fish soup) - 55 baht

Chicken Fried Rice with Fried Egg and a Pepsi....65 baht
And these are not the cheapest prices in town either.  My fried rice plate is usually only 30-35 baht on the street.  This meal was one of convenience as it was in a food tent across from the archery range.  

For those that are planning to visit, you can allocate you food budget based on your dinning preferences.  If you plan to eat at the hotel or mall restaurants, then I would allocate around $20 USD per day.  For those that like to eat local food from local establishments, I think even $6 USD per day would be more than adequate.  Naturally, these estimates don't include drinks and alcohol and are based on today's exchange rate and monetary conditions.  How much entertainment expense (drinks out, etc.) is something only you can control - depending on the goal of your trip.  

However, Bangkok is also a food haven for the rich and meals can be astronomical as well.  Take for example, this charity event last week where the cost is 12,500 baht ($350 USD)  per meal. You can blow you whole budget for a trip on this one fabulous meal...555

I would personally feel very uncomfortable at an event like that.  Give me my simple $2 meal any day.

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