Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A visit to Bobae Market

After a late start, I spent a few hours at Bobae Market yesterday as planned.  Haven't been there in a few months or longer -  Can't remember.  Unlike the other markets that have been 'cleaned up' by the local authorities, Bobae continues its hustle and bustle.  The outside stores and stalls are still there, but lots of the markets on the other side of the canal seemed to have closed up. In its heyday, the streets, bridges, and buildings on the other side of the canal were full of clothing for sale.  There was even a night session that started at 3am and ran until 6am for all the 'back of the factory door' stuff.

Parked at Bobae Tower which is also the Prince Palace Hotel.  This parking lot is a nightmare of tight turns, small spaces, and congestion.  This is premium space and there is not enough for the demand. Best to go in the morning or late in the day.  But there is no other choice if you drive.

Note the overhead signs.  Only way to keep from getting lost or finding the stall again.

Once inside, you will be greeted with thousands of stalls selling casual clothing of every type.  Kids have sections on the upper floors 4th and 5th, while many of the bigger companies have Tee shirts and casual shirts on the ground and 2nd floors.  There is a food court on the 6th floor.  Its really two buildings, connected by a ramp between floors.  Restrooms are located on the ramps between floors.

After a bit of searching, I found the two stores that sold what I wanted. The CoolMax shirts are now 285 baht apiece and the great, heavy cotton Manga tees are 85 baht wholesale. Ended up getting the CoolMax pique polos and will try to have them embroidered with the resort logo to see how they look.  Also bought 24 Tee shirts.  

Would have bought more, but it started to get a bit heavy to carry around.  I think on my next trip, a few dozen more will be on the list before we go to the silk screen shop.  Want to reduce our 3 color logo down to one color to cut down on the cost.

These tee shirts are perfect as work shirts for our workers and family members.  After screening, I think we can get the cost down to about 100-110 bath per shirt.  Good enough to give away to our workers as uniforms, and long stay guests as promo giveaways

Thats it for now.  Have to get ready for Rockin' Jump in a few minutes

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