Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bangkok Lazy days....

Now that I have had some of my morning Joe from the prior post, I can sit down and post a bit.  

Went out to the archery range yesterday.  Bangkok buddy didn't show up, which meant he was staying in Pattaya for a few more days.  Will go out again on Thursday so maybe he'll show up then. Had the usual crowd there, but I showed up a bit late and stayed a little longer which made my commute back home that much harder.  You don't want to be around the Ratchada area around 4pm during a rainstorm.  The street turns into a parking lot and mini pond.

For today, I am planning a trip out to Bobae Market to check out some polo shirts for the resort. Bobae Market is one of the wholesale clothing markets in the mango.  Its the place many street vendors buy their stuff for sale.  Bobae usually has more stuff designed for the locals, while Pratunam is more fashionable and has more export stuff geared towards women.  Bobae along with Pratunam and Chatuchak Markets will cover most of your shopping needs if you are looking for cheap clothing in the mango.  The caveat is that one cannot usually buy just one item at the wholesale markets. Since Bobae a wholesale market, 3 pieces or sometimes 6 pieces is the minimum quantity you must buy per sale.  In many cases, the pieces must be in at least the same style or color and cannot be a mixed bag of items like a department store.  So, if you are shopping for a team, a business, or like to wear the same kind of stuff a lot, then these places are great places to shop.

Bobae is the only place I found that had polo shirts made of CoolPlus fabric.  CP is a fabric invented by a Taiwanese company that has the feel of cotton, but also has the fast dry, wicking properties like other synthetic materials.  Its a generic basis fabric for such brands as Dri Fit (Nike), CoolMax, and Dri-Tech, distinct only in weaving, colors, patterns, etc.  The CoolPlus shirts I've found sell for around $7 USD with the only issue being that they are in Thai Sizes and the largest is an XXL, which translates to a "L" in western export sizes.  

The nice thing about these shirts is that they are plain and ready for silk screening or embroidering your team's or company's logo.  I've made both team shirts for our kite team and a couple of batches of shirts for the resort from this material and it holds up great and feels fantastic in the heat.

Tomorrow morning, we are planning a special trip for Marina to Rockin' Jump.  On Wednesday mornings, they have a special Toddler time slot for kids 1-6 years old and a special admission price.  Trampoline jump parks like Rockin' Jump, Bounce Thailand, etc. is one of the latest crazes in the big mango.  As athletic as Marina is, she is going to have a great time.

Fun for the older kids and adults:

Time for the kiddie too:

The Rockin' Jump we are going to is right next door to the Central Rama III mall which I frequent several times a week to shop at the TOPS market so it will be very convenient.  Will have a full report on Thursday.

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