Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dark Tone indeed.

The media is once again in its coordinated response to the great acceptance speech Trump gave the other night.  They say the tone was dark and scary.  And I think its really "dark and scary" for the liberal press because the truth is harsh if its exposed to the light.

Updated:  CNN instant poll that had to be quickly hidden because it didn't fit the narrative.

For too long, we have allowed the MSM to sweep untruths and bad news under the rug or bury it somewhere where its impossible to find.  Those places tend to be dark and dirty right?  The big question will be if the average American will wake up from its zombie like state and realize what is going on.  Many don't even know when and why the revolutionary war was fought, and these are the same people we have entrusted to vote for our future and the future of our children?  

Anyway, the match-ups are final now.  Trump/Pence VS Hillary/Kaine

Prepare for a long Summer and Fall with lots of hit ads, campaign swings, and robocalls.  Just glad that I will be here in November to watch the results.  Maybe the embassy will have a big party like they did when it was Bush VS Gore.  They had a great party with free food and drinks...until they realized that the results were not going to be available that night..and that the food and bar tap was very quickly rising to astronomical heights.  They finally shut things down after midnight.  

That was at the end of the first Clinton era when cash was flowing free and easy..  They never had another election party since.

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