Sunday, July 3, 2016

Enjoying the mango

Quiet couple of days in the mango.  Celebrated my birthday with B and Marina by going out to dinner at our favorite seafood restaurant, Fish Head.   Bangkok is famous for its party atmosphere and venues, but I don't drink and I don't like large parties and big celebrations, so this was a perfect kind of evening for me.  Lots of food and its so neat that Marina can sit at the table with us now propped up with a high chair.
A hefty assortment of seafood at reasonable prices

We believe you must have noodles on your birthday for loooong life.
Its a significant time for us because now we are able to eat out again without having to worry about her running around or crying in the restaurants.  During the past few years, we have cut down a lot on our dinner and lunch outings because of baby logistics and we have a month or so before the next one arrives..555

I now can only dream of having to request a table for four in a few years and eating together as a family.  But as I have posted before, I wouldn't have it any other way as I am enjoying this new chance at being a parent again very much. It also gives me the extra motivation to eat properly, exercise, and keep my stress level down so that I can be around to help and watch them grow up.  

Little princess and don't forget the dinosaur candles too!

After dinner, we celebrated with birthday cake.  I must confess, its one of the most unusual cakes I've ever received because it was personally picked out my Marina from Big C.  You see, its daddy's birthday, but she gets to pick out the cake and blow out the candles again even though it was just a couple of weeks ago when she had her own birthday.  She liked it so much that its her turn again, even on my birthday...555.

Hurry, light the candles so I can blow them out!

Everyone in the family is taking guesses as to when the new baby is going to arrive. Its not due until September, but B is carrying the baby so low now that it looks like it could be any day, and that is why we are going to stay in the Mango for the immediate future.  Marina was a month early so my guess is that its maybe this month or early in August at the latest.   We don't want to drive back from the country 3 hours to have the baby at our chosen hospital and we don't want to have it upcountry or in the car on the way back.

Can't complain too much, there could be a lot of other worse places to wait out the birth of your new daughter than the mango.  Some more birthday cake seems like a good idea at this moment...


  1. Where is that "Fish Head" restaurant? Is it really called Fish Head? Tried to Google it but nothing came up.

  2. The restaurant is really name fish head, but its in Thai. The proper name is Hua Pla, chong nonsi which translates to Fish Head, chong nonsi branch. There are several Fish head restaurants around Bangkok, but the Chong nonsi branch is the original and the biggest. Here is a link to Tripadvisor with reviews:

    But the funny thing is that the restaurant is not on Chong nonsi any longer, but on Rama III road because it moved several years back. To get to the restaurant by public transport, take the skytrain to Chong nonsi station, then hop the BRT to the NaRamaIII station. Its then about a 10 minute walk on Rama III to the restaurant.

    Alternatively, one can just hop a taxi from the Skytrain station to the restaurant, should be less than 70 baht on a weekend day. Weekdays is another story unless you go during lunch as that station is in the middle of the central business district, which is quite congested during the period of 4-7pm.

  3. Thanks! Will make sure to stop by and experience what you've mentioned so many times on this blog. Any discount if I mention Sevenwinds? Or will they just charge me more? :)

  4. Or they may throw you out ... ha ha ha. Actually, I know the manager of the restaurant pretty well and if you are in town and want to meet and have dinner together, drop me a line and I will introduce him to you. I've known him since he was a waiter at the old location and now he is he is the big manager during the evenings.

  5. Thank you. Appreciate it!


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