Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Had fun at Rockin' Jump

Main Entrance

Have too much energy?  How about your toddler having too much energy?  Just spend a couple of hours at Rockin' Jump and that energy will turn into exhaustion.  

Need to buy special socks for 85 baht.  Has rubber on the bottom for traction 

Had a great time this morning at Rockin' Jump Bangkok.  They have a couple of time slots for young kids (ages 1-6) on Wednesdays and Saturdays where they have the place to themselves.  Its great because they can't get hurt by the bigger teens and adults and they have other kids their age to hang out and play with.

Marina testing out the trampoline the first time

After a timid start, Marina got right into the hang of things.  Took her all of 5 minutes to find out she could do it just fine and that it wouldn't hurt her if she fell down.  After that, it was "let's rock and roll!"  See the YouTube video below:

Too much energy and too much fun.

Sevenwinds tries to get into the jumping rythum
Anyway, the admission price allowed one adult to play also and since B couldn't jump because of her condition, Sevenwinds got to play!  All was going well and I was actually having a lot of fun until I tried to jump into the foam pit.  Hey, after all I see all the kids doing it and it was on the videos too!  Did a really great flop into the pit..soft landing, etc.
Hey Papa, what are you doing in the foam pit?
Oops, the foam is so soft that I couldn't get in position to get out easily.  I was submerged in the pit about 1/2 way down - drowning in foam squares.  After a few minutes of struggling and figuring out that I needed to move enough cubes to stand up, I was finally able to pull myself meekly out of the pit.  Not going in there again...555

Hang on, I am coming to rescue you....

In the meantime, B and Marina were laughing their heads off.  Marina even offered to pull me out..yeah sure.

Anyway, lots of fun and will definitely go again when time permits.

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