Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Middle of the long weekend

Busy couple of days during this long weekend.  First of all, we finally made it over to Dinosaur Planet.  Actually it was the third time we planned to go, the first one was the parking fiasco and then we were rained out, and then finally Sunday all the stars lined up properly and we made it over.

What are they looking at???? while waiting in line

This huge guy of course
As previously posted, the attraction is rather pricey.  The regular price is 600 baht per person, which by local standards, is a lot.  Fortunately there are lots of discounts, and the one we took advantage of was the Bangkok Bank promo which was a two for one ticket price.  Marina did not meet the height limit so she was free.  In all, the total admission was only 600 baht for the three of us.  Inside, there are extra charges for the Dino Farm and Dino Eye (which was out of order).  Food and drink is available inside at typically higher prices that you find inside an amusement park - but not outrageously excessive.  

Line for 4D Deep World - One hour at this point
The park is divided into different zones, but its not very big in overall size.  See the map below. When we arrived at around 12 noon, the line to the 4D Deep World was already an hour long - we opted not to wait so we missed the attraction this time.  There is also very little shade so going during the middle of day can be very hot and so an umbrella is recommended.  There are little kiddie dino umbrellas for sale at the gift shop and at kiosks around the park if you really needed one.

My overall impression was that the park is a nice half day getaway to take younger kids.  While the animation of the dinosaurs was pretty good, its not going to fool anyone over the age of 5 or 6 years old.  However, the Raptors running around in the Raptor Extreme ride look pretty convincing and sent many kids running around and crying.  Marina was scared of many of the models, since she  still believes dinosaurs are real.  I was too busy holding her to get any shots of the Raptors.

The lab where they hatch the dinosaurs.

Betagro's Dinosaur District - Marina pointing out some features...555

We didn't stay too long as it was hot and B was getting tired walking around.  I was getting a bit tired as well as Marina wanted to be carried every time we got close to a dinosaur that moved or looked scary.
There is a large food court, shopping, and activities inside Dino Square
Maybe in a couple of more years, we can make the trip again in cooler weather.  Overall recommendation is that the park is a good visit if you have kids from about 3-10 years of age and get a discount on the tickets.  Its worth a 1/2 day and its also very conveniently located next to the Emporium at Sukhumvit 22.  Easily reached by Skytrain or Taxi.  Recommend going after 4PM when it a lot cooler and hopefully on a weekday when the lines are shorter. 

Swallowed by a dino at Dinosaur Planet

Went out to the archery range yesterday with Bangkok Buddy.  It was more crowded than usual due to the holiday and our regular group of shooters did not come.  It was also hot yesterday but we did manage to shoot for a couple of hours before retiring to a new mall called "The Street",  which replaced the old Robinson's Department store on Ratchada.  We had a great meal at the Took Lae Dee (Cheap and good), attached to the Foodland in the basement level.  Then some great coffee at  Holly's Coffee.  Its definitely a great place to hang out afterwards to cool off and get some food.

Plans are to relax and do some shopping today to replenish our supplies.  We are likely going to go up to the resort for a short trip Thursday.  Then we are going to wait.  After the visit to the doctor yesterday, the latest date for the baby is August 18th - but don't bet money in Vegas on it.

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