Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mixed couple of days

The last few days have been a mixture of relaxation and issues.  First of all, I did have a chance to make it over to the free Friday night buffet.  Met up with Barnaby and then ran into the White Knight and Singapore Jimmy later on in the lobby. Bangkok buddy was too jet lagged to come.  I love to chat with Singapore Jimmy because he has such great insight into the current issues and the four of us chatted and time passed so quickly that before we knew it, we had to scramble to get our transportation home.

Also during the week, I had a chance to go to the archery range and do some more shooting with my longbows.  Haven't given them much attention since I got my fancy new Blacktail recurve.  But it was a joyous reunion and I really enjoyed getting back into shooting my simple, but very effective longbows.

Friday, I finally decided to give up on my Samsung Air conditioner after 3 1/2 years. The torrid history on this pile of junk is that one week after the warranty which was only 1 year, the circuit control board crapped out.  We have since then had three other service calls, and last week the service guy told me our compressor was bad and had to be replaced and then he wouldn't guarantee that would fix the problem because there was also a leak in the main control unit and that it would take a couple of days for them to take it back to the factory to refurbish it.  

With that news, I decided it was going to the junk yard.  I had two aircon units installed in my condo back in the 1999-2000 time period.  One, a Mitsubushi Mr. Slim is still running strong after 16 years.  The other Mitsubishi unit lasted 12 1/2 years before going bad.  So getting less than 4 years is just unacceptable for a big company like Samsung - but that is the same that all my relatives, friends, and reviews have been saying about their air con units.  They are junk and don't last.  

This is the unit, but I got it a LOT cheaper than the price in this photo as they are running a big Promo at Powerbuy

Anyway, I ordered a new Mitsubishi Heavy Duty unit on Friday from Powerbuy. They had a great deal for 1 Card holders and then a special 8% discount if you paid with certain bank cards.  At least with this unit, it has a three year warranty for the interior control unit and five years for the compressor.  It cost a bit more, but its not worth the hassle to be constantly replacing cheaper air con units, especially here in the mango where it can get really hot and you don't want to go days waiting for the new one to be installed.

Major failure in the hose

Then last night, we had a major incident.  While B was doing the dishes after dinner, one of the hoses underneath the sink burst.  It didn't leak, but was literally spraying water like a shower all over the kitchen.  Before I knew it, we had over an inch of water on the floor of the kitchen before I found the cutoff valve.  After all the towels we had around were tossed into the water and the mops going full throttle, we managed to get everything dry.  

So this morning, I took a little trip over to HomePro and got me a new, made in the USA,  hose with a TEN YEAR warranty and installed it. I hate home repairs. Hot water to the kitchen sink is now OK so the trip later to Dinosaur Planet is still on.

Dinosaur Planet?...yep.  The big kid want to take his little girl to see the Dinosaurs....555

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