Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Never made it to Dinosaur Planet

The best laid schemes of mice and men...often go kaput.  They are often thwarted by circumstances or poor planning.  In this case I have to take both on account as we failed in our attempt to go to Dinosaur Planet.  Circumstances hurt us because it was very bad traffic on a Sunday afternoon, in a very congested area of the mango.  And poor planning on my part because I did not notice in my research of the park that it did not have any parking available.

What?  No parking in one of the busiest parts of the mango?  So after circling around Sukhumvit  Sois 22 and 24 for over an hour and a half, we gave up. Couldn't get into the Emporium lot or the other mall lots nearby as lines were out in the street and any designated lots for the park we couldn't find so our plan was to just come back another day by Taxi.  Besides a remote lot would have required a lot of walking which B cannot do much of nowadays.  She is hanging 'real low' and extensive walking is painful.  Fortunately she can get around and sit and was going to watch Marina while I roamed about the park.

Maybe another day this week, we might get the chance again.

I did make it over to the archery range yesterday afternoon.  Met up with the regular Monday crowd and had a lot of fun. But is was very hot and humid so shooting two hours was harder than normal.  Bangkok buddy was still too jet lagged to go.  Probably best as it would have been a grueling welcome back to Thailand outing.

Today, the air con guys are supposed to be here in the morning to install my new Mitsubishi unit.  Can't wait, as this 1/2 room arrangement where one room is cold and the other warm is a pain in the but.  Especially when it so hot and humid the last few days.  Its 86.7F degrees here, feels like 97F and its only 6:30AM so you get the picture.

Time to go back into the bedroom where its cool.  

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