Thursday, July 21, 2016

Posting from the Resort

We left early this morning around 5:30 am.  It had been raining and storming all night and the streets in the mango were wet and there was a light drizzle as we pulled out.  The rain lasted for another hour or so before tapering out near Saraburi.  Despite one stop at Baan Suan for some pastries and some food to eat in the car, we rolled into the resort by 9:30 am.  B's mother just brought in some lunch and drink and I'm a happy camper.

Also went out to check the bamboo plants.  They seem to be doing quite well.  Looked like we picked a great time to plant them and if they survive this year, we won't worry about flooding or anything else for a long time.  B's father also added some more plants to the market and maybe later today I am going to check on some more black bamboo and some special trees for the market.

The black asper bamboo survived the ordeal of staying in my aircon condo for over a week and they are going to be rested a while before they get planted in the ground.  After taking off the wrapping and adding some water, they seemed to have perked right up - they like their new future home!

Here is a  photo of the building we are looking to build as the center of the Jungle market and food court.  Instead of being made entirely from bamboo, our version will be made of steel and concrete with simulated and real bamboo veneers.  A structure made entirely from bamboo would be just too costly to build and hard to maintain.

Bamboo Pavilion in the center of the Jungle Market
We plan to elevate it about 1 meter off the ground and it will be used to sell water, drinks, ice cream, and bamboo gifts.  There will be tables, but a limited amount as there are also going to be huts around the market to sit and eat.  Roof will be made of bamboo like tiles and all beams made of steel with simulated bamboo shells.  

Here only for today as we plan on going back to the mango tomorrow morning.  Don't want to be too far away from the hospital.

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