Sunday, July 31, 2016

Shorts for the Land of Smiles

A while back, I made a post regarding clothing for travel, and for the land of smiles.  One of the items I recommended in that post were "Dry on the Fly" shorts and pants from Duluth Trading Co. They are well designed with lots of detail like front zip pockets, double seams, and use of quick-dry wicking fabric.   I like lots of pockets on my shorts and to have them well made as well as being cool is perfect for use here.  For the next couple of days, they can be picked up at a big (25%) discount. Because they don't go on sale that often, this morning I jumped online and bought me three more pairs!  They look like ordinary shorts, but once you get one you will notice the quality and feel of the material is different.  You will soon want another.

I don't wear long pants in the mango as often as in the past.  Casual clothing like shorts on men is much more acceptable nowadays, especially on the weekends.  If I wear a nice sport shirt, I can get into almost all venues even during the weekdays with these shorts.  Naturally for business and formal social or religious functions, shorts are not acceptable - but I don't have that many of those activities being retired.

Duluth Trading Company is a publicly traded company which specializes in work related clothing. Great service and they have a no bull guarantee - essentially a kind of "lifetime' guarantee on work clothing... Never had to return a product yet !  Link to the shorts here.  

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