Thursday, July 14, 2016

Still waiting....

We are still in a waiting mode.  As B continues to get bigger and the bump in her belly gets lower, the day is rapidly approaching, but we don't know exactly when. That is the challenge we are facing.  Yes, the doctor said the baby is due to be delivered in September if its carried full term and delivered naturally, but by her looks and prior history with Marina, we are almost positive it won't be that long. So now, its taking things day to day and not straying too far from home and the hospital.  B can just barely get around and when the baby moves, its painful.  She is getting random cramps but not often enough for any kind of pattern.

I did have a chance yesterday to go out to Nakhon Nayok to pick up a couple of bamboo plants that I ordered via an internet ad.  Met a very nice guy who goes by the handle 'Smithson' on the Thai Visa site.  Smithson is a local expert on Bamboo and bamboo construction, having built himself a fabulous home with bamboo he locally sourced and cut.  See the his photos below from Thai Visa.

Smithson has a few rai of land and its full of exotic bamboos.  He gave me a little tour of his site and we had a bit of a chat about raising fish, etc.  I think he believes like I do, that renewable materials and recycling hydroponics, etc., is the most ecological use of the land.  Would definitely like to visit again in the near future, but had to cut my visit a bit short due to my worry of being away too long.
The black Asper is the tall bamboo in the background.  Its about 20-25 meters tall
 Anyway, he had a couple of special black Asper 'Hitam' bamboos for sale.  Asper Bamboo is one of the largest bamboos in the world, and having a black variety is very rare and hard to buy in Thailand.  The bamboo is prized for the black color which is retained after it has been cut.  Its used mostly for fine furniture, walls, floors and wood based items which benefit from a dark accent.  I wanted to add a couple to our research and collection section of the plantation and found Smithson's ad on a classified ads website for Thailand.  Plus the shoots are very tasty. 

These are the clumps separated from the mother plant above

Got a couple of calls while I was on the road, and each time I was thinking, it might be 'the' call.  Fortunately, I got home in a timely manner despite a huge rainstorm on the way back.

Now the challenge is to keep the bamboo in good condition until I can get back up to the resort.  Might just leave them by the window and keep them hydrated as it may be a couple of weeks.  

Anyway, plans call for a visit by B to the doctor today.  Hopefully, the good news is that the date has been revised or as in the case of most births in the LOS, for us to pick a date when the baby will be born.  Our hospital has a reputation of 'assisted' births (90%), likely because the doctors like the predictability of the schedule and they make more money.  With the technology today, a baby born a bit early is not at any greater risk than one with a natural birth.  Its actually good for the hospital as it means more stay days and profits..its the same everywhere. We will see after the visit today.

If all goes well, I might still have a few hours to visit the range.  After all, I do have to stay in shape right?  Never know how much less sleep and how tired I am going to be once the new baby arrives.

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