Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Air Con people are here

The air con people arrived around 10AM.  Two guys and a gal arrived as promised this morning by Powerbuy.  Naturally they are a contracted firm and don't work for Powerbuy, who is just the retailer.  Many other companies do the same, such as Big C,  Makro, and the other major retail names in the country.  So when buying an aircon unit here in the Land of Smiles, don't worry too much about the retailer selling the unit as they all buy from the same distributor and have access to the same pool of installers.  Take advantage of the store promos and negotiate for the best price.

So far, this team has been really professional and fast, and the installation is going smoothly.  

I did notice however, that both the outdoor unit and indoor unit is a lot larger than the old Samsung unit.  After all, its supposed to be a heavy duty unit that is geared towards businesses rather than residential unit.  Unlike its competitor, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries seems more focused on the business market.  Aside from the name, they are separate companies that split off from each other back in the 1920s and have no affiliation between themselves and in fact, are rivals in the industry.

I can tell from the units that the materials are superior to my old Samsung. Instead of plastic, there is a lot of metal in the outdoor unit.  The MHI unit is bigger and even the fan is larger in size.  The indoor unit is supposed to have some kind of jet flow technology that is derived from jet engines so we will have to see after its all installed.  Fortunately, there was a sale and big discount offered for the MHI units so I jumped at the opportunity.  

Even though both brands carry a Japanese name, I believe that they are both manufactured in Thailand and are exported all over the region.  The local factories make all the components, including compressors for use in many other brands.  Carrier, the US company in the news recently due to the political campaign, is not a major factor here at all due to their high cost (maybe that is why they want to move their production to Mexico?).  The big names are Mitsubishi (both), and Daikin on the top tier.  Then there are the others, LG, Panasonic, Hitachi, Samsung, and Sharp bringing up the rest of the pack.

More later.

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