Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Loooong Weekend

This is a long weekend for the land of smiles.  Monday is actually a 'free holiday' not commemorating anything special, but it links Tuesday which is Asalha Bucha and Wednesday, which is Buddhist Lent day into a long five day weekend.  That rivals Songkran, which is a long holiday in April.  As a result, Bangkok residents will be taking to the roads to go upcountry to visit relatives or travel around the country for pleasure.  That leaves the capital like a ghost town, especially here in the central business district.  

We would normally be out of town too, but we are on baby watch even though our doctor told us he would be out of town himself for a couple of days this weekend.  Never the less, we didn't want to take a chance on this weekend with the horrendous traffic leaving and returning to visit upcountry. We are going to check again with the doctor on Monday when he gets back and if its OK, we may try to make a dash upcountry for one night on Wednesday.  

Went to the buffet on Friday and met up with Bangkok buddy and Barnaby.  BB was still a bit jet lagged, but we made it over to the lobby and chatted for a bit before he started to nod off.  He brought over my barbless hooks and light tackle line so now I am all set for fishing at the resort.  Afterwards, I picked up some medication BB recommended for B's grandfather, who has been suffering from gout.  Evidently BB get periodic bouts and this medication really helped him.  Will meet up with him tomorrow at the archery range.  

With all the horrendous events happening around the world, its good to be in the mango.  Sure we had our issues like the political unrest of the yellow and red shirts and even the horrible bombing at the Erawan Shrine,  but it all seems to pale in comparison to the social unrest in the States and around the world.  Its hard however, with today's 24 hour news cycle and digital media distribution to stay isolated from world events.  It brings the graphic horror into our homes, no matter where in the world we live.  One thing for sure, unless things get changed fast, we are all doomed for more violence - no matter where we choose to hide.

Will it make a difference in the long run what happens?  Ask me again in a few million years if we last that least the dinosaurs lasted that long.  Which by the way, we have rescheduled to see at Dinosaur Planet this morning...priority to the important things in life - time with your 3 years old daughter.

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